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  • Date:2016-10-25
Section of Annual Accounting  

Annual Accounting

  • County budget and reapportionment reviews.
  • Review and formulation of budget for different departments and special funding.
  • Review/ formulation of special budgets.
  • Review, formulation, and implementation of budget allocation.
  • Review of the use of reserve funds.
  • Review of town budgets and the implementations.
  • Supervision of the annual accounting in the departments and schools under the jurisdiction of our government.

General Accounting

  • Processing of the County’s general accounting affairs and reports.
  • Review of the accounting reports from the departments and schools under the jurisdiction of our government, and assistance for accounting tasks.
  • Review and formulation of county final accounting.
  • Review/ formulation of township final accounting.
  • Review of the financial reports, final accounting of affiliated departments and special funding. To formulate statistics charts.
  • To review the final accounting reports of affiliated schools and departments.
  • Review of special budgets.
  • Research and improvement of the accounting system.
  • Dedicated investigations and reports. 
Section of Accounting


  • Accounting for the divisions inside the county government, approval of divisions’ expenditures, internal and original certified reviewing, editing of payment receipts, filing of accounting documents, editing/submitting accounting reports, reviewing of accounting documents, organizing accounting files, safekeeping, and other related tasks.
  • Review of budgets and final accounting of our divisions.
  • Supervising the bidding and quality of our county government’s constructions, properties, and labor affairs.
  • Review of documents regarding expenditures and revenue, and further review of previous cases.
  • Inventory of cash and assets and random inspection regarding public funding.
  • Asset accounting.

Treasury Accounting

  • Review of different types of treasury.


Accounting regarding Incentives from the Central Government

  • To review and account processing of the incentives provided by the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education.

Accounting of National Housing Mortgage

  • Review of the mortgage of national housing loans, safe keeping and returning of documents regarding ownership, and verification of the collecting and returning of interest.
  • To processing and edit of accounting documents.

Supervision of Procurements

  • Dispatch of personnel for supervising the bidding of school constructions, assets, and labor affairs under the jurisdiction of our school.
 Section of Statistics

Statistics of Governmental Affairs

  • Editing/ printing of annual/monthly statistic reports and social index.
  • Editing and scheduled inspections of governmental affairs statistics.
  • Internal statistics auditing and gather data for officials and divisions.
  • Tasks regarding government performance index and applied statistic analysis.
  • To supervise the statistics tasks of affiliated agencies and towns/ villages.

Economic Statistics

  • Publication of reports regarding townsmen’s income and family budgeting.
  • Formulation of statistics projects and tasks regarding the promotion of the system.
  • Publication of HR statistics and reports.
  • Verification or joint effort regarding statistics tasks ordered by the government.

HR of Comptroller’s Office

  • Review and referral regarding the promotion, transfer, reward/punishment, evaluation, and retirement of comptrollers in the county.
  • Review and referral regarding the establishment and staffing of comptrollers.
  • Projects requested by comptrollers in the schools, agencies, and villages in our county.

General Tasks

  • To write the annual reports of projects and tasks.
  • To write the task review reports in the mid-term or end of year.
  • To write the report of our department’s tasks for scheduled meetings.
  • Formulation and management of document preparations.