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  • Date:2019-04-22


  • Private Donghae University Department of Accounting graduate.



  • 75 years of special exams officer examinations C exams administrative group exam pass. 
  • 79 years special examination traffic personnel postal staff senior exam accounting examinations pass.
  • 79 years special examination traffic personnel telecommunications personnel senior exam accountants pass the exam.
  • 100-year promotion of civil servants promoted to simple official training and other qualified



  • Keelung Customs and Excise Department Curriculum.
  • Taiwan North District Post Authority mail processing center assistant.
  • Ministry of Communications General Post Office Postal Savings Authority Jurisdiction, administrator, chief.
  • National Taipei University team members.
  • Section of the accounting department of the Ministry of education, commissioner, section chief.
  • National Golden Gate University Accounting Office accounting director, director of planning.
  • Ministry of Education accounting department special committee.



  • Executive Yuan and the main accounting office of the main accounting agency 100 outstanding master planner.

A Few Words from the Director

        The duty of a comptroller is to help government officials use funding well, carry out government tasks, improve performance, and achieve objectives. With the limited budget, comptrollers need to monitor budget, make sure every dime is well spent, look at things from an objective perspective, be humble, actively communicate with related departments, and promote the implementation of governmental tasks. In order to respond to the changes of the times, comptrollers should keep learning new things, be familiar with related laws and regulations, and provide officials and related agencies with clear information in order to facilitate decision making. 

TEL: 082-318823/65001

FAX: 082-324007